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Licensed Clinical Social Worker, EMDR Advanced Trainer & EMDRIA Approved Consultant

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EMDR Intensives

Kelly provides EMDR Intensives to people who want to experience faster results in therapy. EMDR Intensives are conducted in person in Reno, Nevada. Clients may live in Reno or travel from outside of the state or country to receive treatment. Kelly can also travel outside of the United States to provide EMDR Intensives for individuals, groups or agency staff in the form of a retreat. In this case, all travel expenses must be paid for in addition to the daily rate. 


Situations in which people have chosen EMDR Intensives include:

  • A recent event just happened and client is on leave from work and wants to get back to work faster;

  • Symptoms are disruptive to the clients day-to-day functioning and they want faster results; 

  • Client who want fast results;

  • Client is busy and doesn't have time for week-to-week therapy, etc. 


To learn more about whether an EMDR Intensive is right for you, click the button below to learn more or contact Kelly to schedule a free consultation.​


Humanitarian Work

Kelly provides humanitarian work to people around the world who have experienced trauma and also vicarious (secondary) or witnessing of trauma. Trauma may include survivors of natural or man-made disasters, refugees/immigrants, cancer patients, and more. Vicarious trauma would include fellow therapists, humanitarian/NGO workers and first responders and others in the helping profession. 


Kelly also conducts research on the ASSYST procedures, the EMDR-PRECI and the EMDR-IGTP-OTS to enhance efficacy and understanding about which populations and situations benefits from these interventions.

EMDR Consultation for Therapists

Kelly is an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and offers consultation for EMDR trained therapists looking to enhance their learning, conceptualization and treatment planning of the ASSYST procedures, EMDR-PRECI & EMDR-IGTP. Additionally, Kelly assists with Basic EMDR Training and Advanced EMDR Training through her company called Scaling Up. Types of trainings offered through Scaling Up include:

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