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Humanitarian Work & Research

Kelly has a background working in refugee resettlement with people from Iraq, Burma, Vietnam, Eritrea and Bangladesh. She has traveled around the world working with humanitarian workers/staff and NGO clients in Paris, Mexico, Thailand and India, along with refugee camps in Ethiopia (Eritrean refugees) and Bangladesh (Rohingya refugees). She has also responded to natural disasters by assisting clinicians in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian and in El Paso, Texas after the Walmart shooting in 2019.


Services Include

Trainings for Therapists

Kelly is a Trainer for Dr. Jarero's Advanced EMDR Training for Early Intervention and Ongoing Traumatic Stress.


This includes teaching the:

  • Acute Stress Syndrome Stabilization (ASSYST) procedure in both individual and group formats

  • EMDR Protocol for Recent Critical Incidents & Ongoing Traumatic Stress (EMDR-PRECI)

  • EMDR Integrative Group Treatment Protocol for Ongoing Traumatic Stress (EMDR-IGTP-OTS)

Training will last a minimum of two-days for EMDR Trained therapists and up to 5 days or more for non-EMDR trained therapists and case workers. 

EMDR for Staff & Clients

Agencies request for Kelly and her team to travel on site to provide psychosocial trauma education, distress management & self soothing techniques to:

  • Staff who are in the helping profession and experience vicarious trauma and burnout (such as therapists, humanitarian workers, medical field staff and more)

  • Clients to enhance services, such as refugees, first responders, cancer patients, and more.

These retreats typically last for a minimum of two-days or more. Sometimes agencies will request both services to be provided to staff and clients, plus training for the staff combined into one trip.


Kelly conducts a variety of types of research with various populations around the world, specifically measuring the efficacy of the ASSYST procedures, the EMDR-PRECI and the EMDR-IGTP. 

She is a published author of two research studies:

Breakout Healing
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